Friday, January 29, 2010

First Field Trip in 2010

It's just the beginning of the term and little rascal has already gone for his first field trip this year. I don't really like field trips as it is not cheap. Last year alone, we had already been to quite a few places.

Yesterday, rascal's school organised a field trip to Singapore Philatelic Museum. It was quite fun for rascal as he ran around the exhibits room and played with the exhibits. But, he was quite restless when the guide was conducting activities for them. Instead of participating on the activities, rascal took away my camera and played with it. Guess what, he nearly spoiled my lens! Phew!

Teacher I know the answer!

Heehee...I'm the kopi boy...

Oh I'm busy delivering the letters...

Mommy I'm a good boy, I'm putting the chairs back...

The trip ended with refreshments and snacks...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Updates since the last post...

Ok, Ok, I know. It's been such a loooooong time since I last wrote. Looking at the last post, I can't believe I had just 1 post in September and then NOTHING ! Nothing after that September post !!

Gotta hammer myself for being so lazy.

Well, new year, new resolution. I must make myself to update at least one post every month.

A short update on what has happened in the past few months since September.

1) Wedding

I was busy over a wedding on 20th September. Anyway, I was in-charged of the whole event and did all the planning since July. Given that I only have 2 months and a very 'hot' date (20.09.2009) to do the planning and carry out the event, it was such a rush to make everything happen. The venue is at Four Seasons Hotel. It was such a lovely place, situated on the 20th floor with breathtaking view. Due to the event, I stayed at Four Seasons for 2 nights. Simply love the room. But too bad, I don't have any pic to show you of the room.

Nonetheless, I'll share with you some of the photos taken on that day.

White roses table setting

Little rascal in his best suit

Little rascal admiring the bride

2) Haircut

I brought little rascal for his 3rd haircut at Junior league. He cried and wriggled the on his first 2 visits that daddy got to hold him very tightly on his lap. Surprisingly, this time round, little rascal did not cry at all. Initially, he locked his eyebrows, but later he was too busy playing with the lollipop.

When the haircut was done, little rascal was given a balloon and an orange dye on his spiky hair. Too bad I took the picture but the orange colour didn't turn out well.

Haha...his face all crumpled up comes the candy !

Are you able to see the orange tint on his spiky?

That's all for now, more updates coming up....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

OMG !!

Well, this is the first word that came to my mind when I saw what's on the floor at Ion this evening.

I apologise for not updating my blog for nearly 1.5 months but the incident happened at Ion urged me to add this to my blog.

I am actually talking about my maid.

Yup. My maid who has worked for me for 8 months.

We went out today shopping for some stuff and we were at Orchard. When we were on the way walking to carpark, I passed by a shop selling very nice accessories. I stopped by to take a look, thinking to get myself a pair of earrings and necklace.

Maid told hubby that she needed to go toilet but as I was still browsing through the accessories, he asked her if she could wait for a while. She said yes.

So, after a few minutes or so, hubby anticipated that I would take a longer time to try out the accessories, he walked out of the shop, thinking to bring her to a toilet.

Just as I was asking the sales person regarding the earrings, my hubby pulled me aside and asked me to go out. What I saw really shocked me.

I saw a pool of urine on the floor !!

It was just outside of the shop at a little corner with many people walking by.

I didn't want to believe that it's my maid who peeped on the floor so I kept asking my hubby who did that!

Maid stood there with the pram on her hand and her legs and jeans all soaked with urine!

We were a bit panic but think it's best to bring her to toilet to wash up. I went to the shop to tell the salesgirl that I would come back later, and when I turned around to look for them, they were gone !

Damn! Ion was so crowded. I just lost them.

I didn't have anything with me. No wallet, no money and no handphone.

We were at B2 and there's no toilet at that level, so I went to B3 toilet. They were not there.

I went back to the pool of urine. Not there either.

Waited awhile, I went to B1 toilet. Not there.

Went to carpark. Waited at the car. Thinking hubby might still be looking for me.

Went to B4, borrowed a phone from a shop and started calling hubby. Tried so many times but hubby didn't pick up the call. Almost gave up. Then hubby picked up the call.

Phew! We finally united. But hubby was mad, face completely black.

The journey back to home was in golden silence.

I don't understand why hubby is so mad at me. Don't we supposed to be happy that we finally found each other?


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Give me a Kiss !

I always ask little rascal to give me a kiss everyday without fail. 
Yup, I admit, I'm addicted.

The way I asked him is always like this

"Baby, kiss mommy." 

Rascal will kiss me on my lips and smile sheepishly.

Yesterday, while I was playing with him, I told rascal

"Baby, give mommy a kiss."

But little rascal just walked away to the table to hand me a bunch of KEYS! 
I was puzzled.

Hahaha... I then realised he has mistaken my command as "give mommy keys".

Silly boy

Friday, July 24, 2009


The much anticipated zoo trip started out with a rainy morning. 

My spirit was dampened when I looked out the window and saw the rain. Nevertheless, we still got everything ready, put on rascal's cap and off we go.

When we reached school, rascal joined the other kids for breakfast and waited for the coach. By 8.40am , we left school and headed to the zoo. Fortunately, on the way there, the rain finally stopped.

Rain rain please go away

When we reached the zoo, the entrance was cramped with kids. Tiny kids just like rascal. There were a few schools there so you can imagine how noisy they were.

Ok, let's see where to start off first

Hmm... any pretty gals around?

Oh, another coach coming...

Well, we didn't get to see many animals due to the slow pace the kids took but still managed to see the monkeys, white tigers, polar bears, hippo and 2 shows. Rascal was so thrilled when we saw the 2 monkeys making noises up the trees near the entrance. The noises were loud but didn't scare rascal off (which I'm quite amazed). Instead, he was so happy and bubbling something to me too.

The famous white tigers

At the splash show... very interesting

Due to the cloudy sky and that stubborn rascal, who refused to look at the camera most of the time, these are the miserable few to share.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Over The Moon

Rascal made my day.

Ok, it all started last Sunday when hubby mentioned that he wish rascal could be potty trained asap so he can save on pampers. Then my dad seconded him and started to advise us on the types of potty to use. 

So, we went to Mothercare and got rascal a Baby Bjorn potty. The potty sits on the playmat for a few days and has become rascal's new toy. See, I'm a lazy mom. In fact, I wanted to wait till he knows how to speak and communicates with us. But due to the circumstances given, I am given with no choice but to start the training. 

I told rascal the other day that if he wants to poo poo, he needs to come and tell me or maid so that we can take out the potty for him. Never did I anticipate this, halfway through his dinner yesterday, he told the maid and me that he wanted to poo poo. We quickly took out the potty and asked him to sit on it. Then there came my neighbour, curry aunty, popping by to see rascal poo. 

Suddenly rascal felt so stressed that he cried out loud pitifully. Well, as expected, there was no sight of poo in his potty. The poor fellow went on to his dinner and later pooped in his diaper. 

Then, today, while maid was playing with rascal, she caught him going to poo. We were so thrilled, waiting anxiously for rascal to poo. Hahaha...after a minute or so, rascal finally poo-ed in his potty.


I'm so excited !

Little rascal is going to the ZOO tomorrow !!!

This is his very first trip to go with school. And, I get to sign the consent form. Hahaha...

Well, I'm also going with him too since he is just  a 21 mth old fellow. To mark this memorable trip, I'll try to take as many photographs as possible so I can show them to him when grows up. 

You know, I was thinking hard last night on what to bring for snack. Remembered last time when I was young, always got myself a luncheon meat bun whenever I went on an excursion with schools. I have already planned to go to a bakery tonight to get rascal a bun but who knows, rascal brought back 2 muffins from school today. He made the muffins with teacher this morning! Well, I can't even make muffin myself ! Hahaha...

See, they look so yummy!

So, to save all efforts, I'm going to bring the muffins and banana tomorrow.
Hmmm... gotta pack everything neatly by tonight. 

Things to pack:
1) Muffins and banana
2) Water bottle (for rascal and me)
3) Umbrella
4) Caps ( for rascal and me)
5) Anti-mosquitoes patch
6) Pampers bag (pampers,wet wipes, cream)

What else? Did I miss out anything? *thinking hard*